Meet The Team

As the coordinators of the project we make sure everything runs smoothly and that all of the teams have everything they need to do their roles. Between us we help make sure everything is safe, look after the well-being of the team, make connections with other organisations and organise funding.

We both help out in other teams too and you’ll often see at least one of us in the sessions. We’re both really passionate about tackling youth loneliness and love being able to coordinate the project!

As the hosts team, we are some of the faces you will see when you join a Project Hope session. Behind the scenes, we work together to plan a whole range of fun and exciting activities, and to put together a timetable full of variety. The final, and often most exciting, part of our job is to deliver what we’ve planned in a fun and engaging way! We’d love to meet you at one of our sessions soon!

As the admin team we are responsible for all the behind the scenes operations. We manage the online system whereby participants sign up for our sessions and send out emails containing details of how to join on the day. We also create and facilitate our Zoom sessions, making sure they are safe and secure. The team is super organised and ensure that everything runs smoothly!

As the social media team, we try to reach as many people as possible with Project Hope. We create the graphics you see across our social media accounts, we have a schedule for who post what and when, and we generally try to see how we can get the word out there! We reply to any messages we get on our accounts, and generally try to present a friendly face for Project Hope.

We are from all over the UK so where ever you are, we are never far away

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