Learning Through Lockdown

We are coming up to our 9th week in lockdown and restrictions are starting to slowly ease. There is a lot to think about. How long will it take before things are back to normal? Have we learned new ways of doing things or has lockdown put us in a more vulnerable situation?

I have managed to pull through my university exams, curious about what my next academic year may look like. Young people are digital natives but I very much look forward to seeing how the lockdown may change the way we interact in the future. It’s interesting to see how this experience has brought about our community spirit.

Having a routine has encouraged me to persevere. This can help us to keep focused and take your mind off the perplexity. Going out for a jog isn’t for everyone – it definitely isn’t for me! Using this time to focus on strengthening your “right-brain” can give us the space to visualise our feelings through music and poetry, or you could even consider taking up a paint-by-numbers challenge – a new hobby of mine.

Staying connected on zoom and taking part in quizzes with a society that I am part of a university, has meant that I have still been able to share good memories with the people that I love spending time with.

Reaching out is important; no one is alone and it’s okay to ask for help. Even the strongest people need someone to lean on at times. It has been a strange time for a lot of people and using this time to help others who are in a more difficult position can be rewarding. It’s important that you look after yourself too. Take time out if you need to and ensure that you have a good support network that you can fall back on. We all need to balance putting others first with setting healthy boundaries

  • Diana, Project Hope team member

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